Episode 6 - 08 / 17 / 2020

Charity Navigator’s New Rating System, Accountability for Digital Brands, and the Death of Automated Emails (Told by Youtube)

About this Episode

This week's episode explores how digital brands are now being held accountable to a higher standard of quality and transparency—and how your nonprofit might start to feel the side effects of this.

Join Zach and Frankie as they dive into how Charity Navigator's new rating system could impact your nonprofit, how digital brands are responding to the call for transparency, and why we think automated emails are dying....spoiler alert: Youtube's eliminated some of their's. Yep—it's another spicy episode on The Novus Show.

Hosted by

Zach Busekrus

Zach Busekrus is the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Strategist at Novus and has spent the past six years helping nonprofit charities and associations develop and launch innovative donor recruitment and retention strategies. He spends most of his days learning about the latest and greatest in marketing technology and brainstorming ways in which to apply these ideas and technologies to the nonprofit fundraising space. 

Francisco Garcia

Francisco (“Frankie”) Garcia is a Co-Founder & Lead Digital Strategist at Novus. He has spent the past five years consulting with charities of all shapes and sizes. He has traveled around the world capturing photos, videos, and stories to help Novus’ partner organizations tell their stories in new, compelling ways. Frankie is passionate about changing the world and helping the “Davids” of the world beat their “goliaths.”

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